Choose the right partner to translate your annual report

During the first months of each year, communications units of companies are busy preparing annual reports, often in several languages and on a tight schedule. The process is similar to solving a large puzzle. The texts and financial figures of various functions are first sent to the communications unit, from where they are forwarded to a graphic designer for desktop publishing and to a translation agency for translation.

For the annual report to be completed at the right time and to be of good quality, every piece of the puzzle must fit together perfectly. Organizing the first planning meeting early enough is vital to this. Everyone involved in preparing the annual report should be present at the meeting. This includes the authors of the texts, photographers, persons responsible for conceptualization, graphic designers, and representatives of the translation agency.

Although often overlooked, it is worth ensuring that the translation agency and the graphic designer work well together. This is because each language version requires a different amount of space when printed. When a Finnish annual report is translated into Swedish or English, the translation can be significantly longer than the source text. The translation agency can help both the author of the text and the desktop publisher.

The ideal situation for your annual report would be to use the same familiar, consistently high-quality translation agency year after year. If you are preparing an annual report for the first time, or are looking for a new translation partner to meet your company’s needs, it’s important to request a quote as early as possible. This ensures that the translation agency can reserve its best translators for your translation assignments during peak times also. Cooperation that begins with a translation agency early in the year can still help ease the inevitable last-minute rush with the annual report.