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Corporate video translations – leave it to us

What to do when your company needs video subtitling and translations for another language?

Subtitling videos is much more complicated than translating a text file. It might be puzzling enough to figure out in what format to send the video text to the language provider. Maybe the whole thing just never gets done because it feels so cumbersome to deal with the process. What if you could you just send the original video to the translation agency and be done with it?

Well, you can!

We’ve been translating more and more video subtitles for our clients lately, and our process is now very simple and cost-effective. It really is as simple as sending us the original video file. We’ll take care of the whole process for you!

How it works

Transcribing spoken language to text manually takes time, and subtitles also need to be timestamped. We use language technology solutions to make this task faster and easier: A speech recognition software creates a preliminary draft of the script, and a native speaker makes any necessary corrections and adjustments.

After this our tool automatically creates a standardized, timestamped text file (.srt) for the subtitles, which is then translated with our normal translation process using translation memories.

The end product is a ready-to-use, timed subtitle file in your target language (or several) that can be automatically imported to your video. No manual typing, no unnecessary work – and no extra costs!

Flexible process according to your needs 

If you need to check the content of the original text before the translation or make sure that the terminology is what it needs to be before we finalize the subtitle file, we can send the files to you for review at any phase before proceeding.

Any language pair is also possible: Like for any other translation project, we’ll find a translator for any language. Our speech recognition software and native professionals will also handle videos spoken in any language.

If you already have an .srt file for the original video, of course it’s also possible to translate that directly. By default we can handle any file format that contains text, so it’s not necessary to copy the texts to another format before translation.

Corporate videos are increasingly important – let’s take care of the translations together! 

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