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MultiFlow Translations
Smoothly Flowing Translation Services

 MultiFlow Translations
A specialist in technical and medical translations at your service 

We offer solutions to all business translation needs, including documentation, applications, marketing, and contracts – in any language.


Our core competencies include include technology and medicine. We know the practices and terminology of these fields – inside out!


User Guides and Manuals

We provide smooth and clear translations of user instructions and technical manuals, regardless of whether they are intended for customers or for the internal use of the company. 

We pay special attention to safety and, where required, the requirements related to the legislation of different countries. We have special expertise, e.g., in REACH-compliant chemical safety data sheets and in the package leaflets and product characteristics summaries required by legislation.

We work in close cooperation with technical documentation in order to ensure that the visual look of the manuals and documents are of high quality and that the process is smooth in all languages. If you are looking for a reliable localisation partner to support your technical documentation, we are happy to help!

Software Localisation

Our services also include the localisation of applications, regardless of the number of language versions needed. Even technically challenging file formats do not slow down our work!

We have solid expertise in the localisation of the control applications of medical devices, in particular, and are happy to implement application and documentation translations at the same time. This is also the best means to ensure the consistent use of terminology and the high quality of the translations.

Marketing and Communication

We also translate all kinds of marketing materials, such as product brochures, customer letters, web pages, and electronic newsletters.

Our professional translators produce expert translations of presentation and training materials, and other publications, such as research reports, scientific articles, newspaper articles, and annual reports, as well as internal bulletins and instructions of the company.

Legal Translations

We provide the translations of contracts, court documents, patents, and other legal documents reliably and professionally. Where required, the documents can be certified.

Revision and Proofreading

Is your text otherwise ready, but you want to make sure that it is linguistically error-free?

Our language professionals will make sure that the text is linguistically correct and easy to read, and that the style is appropriate for the purpose. We can utilise the expertise of our extensive network to ensure the correctness of the terminology.

About us

We specialise in technical and medical translations, which we have, over the years, delivered to dozens of companies ranging from start-ups to large and established operators. 

For us, customer-orientation is key: Our light organisation adjusts to customer needs, our experts invest in getting to know the products and terminology, and our technological solutions help implement projects cost-efficiently. All of our translators are experienced professionals who know their special field, which enables us to offer the highest quality in terms of the content and the language.

Sanna Kokkonen

Sanna has worked full time in the translation industry for close to 20 years. She is an across-the-board general manager with a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering (Chemistry). Sanna has over 30 years of experience in the sale of products and services, and in the manufacturing industry.

She understands the business processes of the customer and is able to handle the various stages of the order-delivery chain effortlessly. Sanna is fluent in both strategic thinking and practical work.

She is especially well at home at the customer interface. At MultiFlow, Sanna works in sales, marketing, and development tasks, and in projects. Situations that require creative problem-solving skills are at the core of her expertise.

However, Sanna is interested in almost everything. Her extensive knowledge of the various areas of technology, natural sciences, and the arts, and understanding of the various areas of business operations benefit the customers every day. Sanna has studied ten different languages and is also fluent in engineering jargon.

Contact Sanna at: [email protected]

Anni Laine
Project Coordinator

Anni has always been interested in languages. In addition to working with languages, she also “collects” them. Anni has studied over ten different languages, several of which she speaks fluently. The projects she has managed have, at best, involved tens of different languages.

Anni has a master’s degree in language technology and has worked in translation and localisation for nearly 20 years. She has worked both as a supplier and a customer, and is able to take account of the needs of the customer comprehensively as regards the smoothness of the process, as well as technical and linguistic details.

Different writing systems have been her special interest for many years, and, subsequently, Anni has studied not only the most common European languages, but also e.g. Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.

At MultiFlow, Anni works as a project coordinator and technical expert. She has the satisfaction of the customers with both the process and the result at heart.

Contact Anni at the shared project email: [email protected]

Why Choose Us

MultiFlow is flexible, agile, and fast. We make projects flow smoothly.

We have a lean organization with a global network. Our partners all over the world help convey your message in any language.

We understand that translation itself is not the main attraction. It needs to give our clients tangible benefit.

Contact us

MultiFlow Translations

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Join us?

As a translator

We are constantly looking for new additions to our professional team that consists of independent translators.
Our customers operate globally, and we deliver translations in any language pair.

To offer us your services, please email: [email protected]