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Translation and editing

MultiFlow Translations specializes in technical, chemical, pharmaceutical, life scientific, and medical translations. Our translation agency has special expertise in various sectors. Our clientele spans a wide range of businesses, including industrial and technology companies and patent and legal offices.

We offer translations for all business needs. Clients can rest assured that all legal requirements are met, and that their company’s marketing message gets across clearly and accurately in every chosen language.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • medical and health technologies
  • medical devices
  • drug development
  • material technology
  • nanotechnology
  • cleantech
  • water technology
  • mining technology
  • chemical industry
  • paper industry
  • sustainable development and bio-economy
  • energy and resource-efficiency
  • mechanical engineering
  • construction technology
  • chemical, electronic, and machine safety
  • real estate development

User instructions and manuals

We provide fluent and precise translations of user instructions, technical manuals, and others for both customer and internal use. We pay special attention to safety matters and take the legal requirements of different countries into account where required. Our special areas of expertise include chemical safety data sheets that comply with the legally required REACH regulation and package inserts and summaries of product characteristics.

We also work closely with technical documentation to ensure the high quality of manuals and documents in all languages. If you’re looking for a reliable localization partner for your technical documentation department, we are happy to help.

Juridical documents

We deliver patent, contract, and other juridical translations reliably and professionally. Where required, the documents can be certified by an authorized translator.

Marketing and communication materials and reports

We translate all kinds of marketing materials such as product brochures, customer communication, website translation, and electronic newsletters. Our translators also produce professional translations of presentation and training materials and other publications, such as research reports, scientific articles, newspaper articles, and annual reports. We also translate a broad range of internal bulletins and company instructions.

For more details, please contact us: [email protected], +358 (0)44 5005 440.

Text editing and proofreading

Do you have a text to be proofread before publication?

Our language editors will be happy to help! The proofreader will check the accuracy and clarity of expression, and will make the text as fluent and accessible as possible. Terminological accuracy is ensured through the in-depth knowledge of MultiFlow Translations’ network of specialists. Request a quote on proofreading.


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