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Need a translation partner? Three misconceptions about translation work

Translation is a demanding job and is often shrouded in misconceptions. Most of them revolve around the questions of whether to engage professional translators or if internal resources would suffice. Let us take a closer look at some of these misconceptions.  

Misconception 1: All highly educated people speak English 

We could argue that almost all highly educated people in Finland speak English. However, most of us will agree that good language school grades do not equal good language skills. It’s natural that when a Finnish person writes in English, they process the information in Finnish at least partially resulting in sometimes ambiguous and non-flowing text. In cases like this, it is advisable to at least engage a native proof-reader. The best results are however achieved through using both a native translator and proof-reader.

Misconception 2: All native speakers are also good translators. 

While any native speaker may seem like a good translator choice, just as easily as we accept the use of professionals in other fields, e.g. marketing or communications, translation is also a demanding professional job. One cannot make up for education and the experience of a professional translator simply by being a native speaker of a language, especially in the translation of official content. The best choice is a professional translator who is also a native speaker in the target language.

Misconception 3: A native proofreader will fix all mistakes. 

No matter the content, a native proof-reader should be preferred. However, language is not the only metric to consider when picking a translator, or a proofreader.  

The translator and proof-readers should both be aware of the specifics of the field and the intended audience. This helps them make informed choices about, among others, the kind of language to use, terminology, and how to set the content mood.  The best translators and proofreaders are exceptional localisation experts too. 

So, how do you determine your localisation needs and criteria? Let go of the myths and misconceptions surrounding translation and localisation. MultiFlow can help you with that.

We offer agile and high quality services, and are especially valued for our extensive expertise in the translation and localisation of technical and medical content. To get an offer, contact us. We look forward to walking with you on your localisation journey to new markets! 

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