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Small updates in large documents should not be difficult or expensive to translate

A very typical translation project is one that involves updates of existing manuals or other documents. A single document may contain hundreds of pages but very few phrases that have been changed from the previous version. 

As the owner of the document you might be wondering: How on earth will it be possible to get the updates implemented correctly throughout the document and not cost an arm and a leg?  

The very handy translation memories (TMs) 

An experienced translation agency already has the answer to your dilemma with their secret weapon, translation memory. If you are new to the term, a translation memory is a database that contains previously translated content.   

When previous translations of a manual are found in a TM, they are updated automatically into the newer version. The translator’s job is then only to translate the new content within the manual.  

With the help of TM technology, the translator can also see previously translated content and draw on the previously used terminology for consistency.   

Using translation technology 

Even when you are not sure how exactly the content has changed from the previous version, we are able to figure it out quickly!  

This of course requires that the previously translated content is already in the translation memory. What if, despite previous manual translation, the documents are old, and no translation technology was initially used?   

Even then, we can still help, if the original files and the translated versions of the documents exist. A translation memory may also be created from documents with identical content, and used as reference for subsequent updates.  

Still have questions? We will gladly help!  

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