The next product launch is just around the corner – are the translations ready, too?

A successful launch is important in raising market interest in a new product or service. The sales generated by the product launch should cover the development costs of the product, and should also help in funding operations, future development work, and growth.

All of this creates significant pressure to succeed. This can be eased somewhat by investing in careful planning and expert project management. The marketing channels to be used in the launch, the goals and their measurement, production of materials, and schedules can be efficiently combined during the planning phase. Any company operating in the increasingly international market should also have materials professionally translated into the languages of its market area well in advance of the launch.

Knowledge of the language(s) and culture of the target market

When a company introduces a new product or a new service into several markets at the same time, high-quality and punctual translations are vital. In addition to language skills, cultural knowledge is also needed to produce translations that work well in each individual market. Instead of word-for-word translations, the aim should be to convey the meaning fluently in each language. A translation agency can help greatly in selecting the best approach for each market area.

Translation agency supports its customers’ success

A professional translation agency helps its customers succeed by providing punctual service and accurate translations, and by helping to develop customer processes. When cooperation runs smoothly, the translation agency can make development proposals e.g. on the production of original text materials or on scheduling.

Translations ordered at the last minute can of course be technically good and may serve their purpose just fine. But if you want a partnership that helps you develop your business, you should make use of the translation agency’s resources right from the moment you begin planning new products and services.