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We value fruitful collaboration

Pitkäaikainen yhteistyö on hedelmällistä. Kuva omenapuista.

As a translation agency, we naturally want to understand your company’s needs, services and products so well that we can provide quality translations suited to your specific needs.

We also want to offer infomation about our translation processes and use translation technologies in a way that our collaboration is simple and cost-effective.

We at MultiFlow strive for even better

We’ve worked with some of our clients so long that we can often for example

  • anticipate their needs and ask for more information if a project doesn’t seem to include everything that we know should be included
  • spot even small factual errors in the original texts
  • help new client contacts with their own translation process

Your partners are our partners

Often the business partners of our clients are also our partners. We can, for example, collaborate directly with the third parties taking care of our client’s technical documentation, software development or graphical design. In this way, the translation process flow and technical requirements can be taken into account at an early stage, making the process smoother for everyone involved.

Your project isn’t just a translation job among many others or simply an automated process – we take it personally!

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