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10th Christmas

MultiFlow Translations is celebrating its 10th Christmas this year, and we started reminiscing the things we’ve experienced through the years. Working at a translation agency is varying even in normal circumstances, but sometimes we end up working through surprising crises, and sometimes a perfectly normal working day becomes a wonderful celebration!

The one thing we always cherish is customer service. Once upon a time on a frosty day around Christmas, a fire alarm went off in our building, and everyone had to leave their desks and go outside. Out in the cold, waiting for the situation to be resolved, we kept answering client calls and even got a deal for a new project that was delivered to the client already the following week.

There have also been several happy family events in MultiFlow’s history. The one we remember best, however, is when one translator’s labour started a month early in the middle of an urgent project. The project was finished and performance targets were met with results of 2,850 g and 48 cm. And of course the translation job was finished as well.

We always rejoice in connecting with all our clients and language providers, and tend to remember the most unusual moments for years. We at MultiFlow Translations are happy to help others succeed!

We’re celebrating our anniversary this Christmas by donating to the conservation of the Baltic Sea.

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